‘A Living Way Ministries’ ministers to Youth throughout Canada, in many local youth groups, as well as in regional youth rallies. The response has been amazing!

The young people have been responding to the music, the ventriloquism, the illusions, and to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in wonderful ways!

Pastor Pauline Marks Torrence (Rocanville Pentecostal Assembly) said, “Our people were so encouraged and the youth group at ‘Fire house’, called it “the best‘ Firehouse’ we’ve ever had”.

In Lockeporte Nova Scotia, during a Friday night youth service, seven teenagers accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The Pastor of the church was so excited to see many more young people than expected, in attendance. “We normally see ten or twelve young people come out on any given Friday night. Tonight, there were forty-two! Seven of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour! This is wonderful!” (Pastor Paul Pattison - Lockeport Pentscostal Church)

The young people thoroughly enjoy the ‘Southern Gospel Quartet’ music. Some of them buy the CD’s and ask Wilson to sign them. “We’ve never heard music like this! It’s awesome!” they often say. Of course, Evan is always a hit, as he and Woody bring laughter to the young people through ventriloquism. The young people are always amazed by the illusions!

One night during a youth service, there was a young man, who did not disturb the service, but was making mocking gestures to Wilson. At the conclusion of the service, he came forward and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

One of Wilson's messages entitled: ‘I've been robbed!’ reveales Satan's plan to lead people, young and old, down a road to ultimate, total, and eternal destruction, in contrast to Christ's offer of abundant life in this world and throughout eternity.

We need to identify the Satan as the thief, for our youth! It is imperative that we expose his plan “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”! (John 10:10) Satan uses the allure of “the pleasures of sin that are but for a season.” (Hebrews 11:25).

"I am not afraid to talk to young people about drugs, about alcohol, or even about illicit and immoral sexual activity! I will take your young people into the future to let them see the pain, the remorse, the anguish, and the suffering that comes as a result of falling into Satan's seductive snares! I want them to know that it is not only they that suffer as a result of sin, but many more innocent people suffer. Once the father of lies has sprung his trap, the damage is far too often irreversible! Young lives are far too often destroyed!"

"We will expose the plan and the perpetrator! Satan's plan is to rob our youth of their health, their joy, God's plan for their lives, and the abundance of life with which God has blessed them. Satan wants to steal their youth, destroy their lives, and take them with him to eternal destruction and damnation!"

"Of course, We point the young people to Jesus. We need to tell them that it is Jesus and He alone, who has “come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

It is time to expose the thief!

Anti Drinking & Driving Presentations:

In youth groups and High schools, we offer ‘Anti-Drinking & Driving’, ‘Anti-Drug Abuse’ and ‘Anti-Smoking’ presentations.

In the Anti-Drinking & Driving presentation, the young people are taken, verbally, moment-by-moment, and step-by-step to a real-life accident scene, which I attended as an eighteen-year-old paramedic.

The young people go with Wilson as he crawls into an upside down car, which is flattened on a pile of boulders. They experience the fear, the apprehension, and the blackness!

"They crawl with me through the blood, the feces, and the eviscerated organs, as I crawl on my belly, over three young and lifeless bodies to reach an unseen girl, who is begging me to help her! She is dying in the darkness! I feel her fingernails dig into the back of my hand as she begs me to help her. She makes me promise not to leave her! Her hand eventually, and sadly loses its grip, as her precious and young life leaves her body. For young people, ages seventeen and eighteen die because they were drinking and driving following the school prom."

The presentation is poignant and powerful! It's intended to be that way.

During the presentation, the young people also view a very powerful and graphic ‘PowerPoint’ presentation on the horrors of drinking and driving!

Pastor Robert Cox (Senior Pastor of Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, Cochrane), whose church sponsored one of these presentations, said that the students described the presentation as “Amazing!” He said that they were really impacted and confronted with the horrors and terrifying consequences of Drinking and Driving and alcohol itself!

One student said. “Until now, I have not been a drinker. Now I know for sure, that I never will be!”

Another young lady said, “While you were talking, it was just like I was really there! I was terrified! My heart was pounding! Now I know, I never want to start drinking or to have anything to do with alchohol!”

We need to get the message out to the young people. We need to make a difference.

One high school asked us to do the presentation after one of their students was killed while drinking and driving on the May long weekend. He killed a lady who was driving the car that he had hit, head on. His girlfriend was in critical condition. There was a sudden urgency to have the presentation.

You and the people at your high school have the opportunity to do something before another life is lost or destroyed.

Where will be the next catastrophe be? Will someone you know and love be killed? How urgently do you need this presentation? This is one presentation that your young people will never forget!