Youth Ministry References:

"It was so good to have Wilson come and minister to us once again. We had such a wonderful time with him in Yorkton. Now since we've moved to Rocanville, our people here are thrilled with his ministry as well.

During their time of ministry with us, we saw the Lord move in a wonderful way. We saw people receive absolute deliverance... yes... old-time deliverance!….Our people were so encouraged and the youth group at ‘Fire house’, called it “the best Firehouse’ we've ever had."                                                            
                                                                                                    Rev. Pauline Marks Torrance
                                                                                                    Senior Pastor
                                                                                                    Rocanville Pentecostal Assembly.
                                                                                                    Rocanville, Saskatchewan

“We normally see ten or twelve young people come out on any given Friday night. Tonight, there were forty-two! Seven of them accepted Jesus Christ as their savior! This is wonderful!”
                                                                                                    Pastor Paul Pattison
                                                                                                    Lockeport Pentecostal Church
                                                                                                    Lockeport, Nova Scotia

"Our Church recently hosted "A Living Way Ministries." Sincerely, it was a joy to share with the Kindreds as well as with their friends, Granny and Evan. They brought laughter and awe (through illusions) to our youth group."
                                                                                                    Pastor J. Andrews
                                                                                                    Assistant Pastor
                                                                                                    Grace Pentecostal Church
                                                                                                    Bonavista, Newfoundland