Wilson Kindred "Abbreviated Biography"

On November 19, 1954 Wilson was born into a home of violence, witchcraft, and alcoholism. His grandmother was involved in the occult (i.e. fortune-telling, etc.) and his father was a violent alcoholic. Wilson's mother, his three older sisters, and his older brother were victims of neglect, and extreme verbal and physical violence and neglect at the hands of their father. Too often there was no food in the house, neither was there any heat in the dead of winter.

"When I was four years old my mother became acquainted with a Christian family who ministered to her in a real way. Our family (including my father) later accepted an invitation from this Christian family to an outdoor service, where we responded to an altar call to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. "Our lives changed dramatically!! My mother and her five children found the Joy of sins forgiven! My father, however, drank all the more and his violence increased.

Several months later while in one of his drunken violent rages, my father pushed my mother back against a wall, holding a butcher's knife to her throat, and said, "Make your choice; Will it be Jesus Christ or me?" My mother's response with the knife still to her throat was, "If Jesus Christ doesn't take care of me and my five kids any better than you have, I still won't be losing anything, so if you're going to kill me, then kill me." I had gone to the kitchen cupboard and gotten my mom's large cast-iron fry pan. I came up behind my father and hit him with the fry pan from behind. He turned to come after me. My mother took advantage of the situation and jumped my father, and lay one awful beating on him! He left the house cut, bruised, and bleeding.

My father returned early the next morning and told us to get out of the house. We lived in my moms car for a couple of months (in the winter, in Northern Ontario, Canada).

With God's help my mother raised her five children, with no assistance from my father. She worked an average of eighteen to twenty hours a day and did not accept charity!

We faced many traumatic situations in our lives after my father threw us out, but God my heavenly father was always faithful, and our needs were always met! We saw God perform great miracles in our lives, including undeniable miracles of physical healing and provision! He also blessed us by using us in music ministry, and in many other areas of service in the church.

One night when I was 14-15 years of age, I was praying at the altar at "Silver Birches Pentecostal Camp" near Kirkland Lake, I saw a beautiful pair of brazen/red feet. My eyes were closed. These feet had a pair of wings. Even though I did not know the scriptural significance of these feet at that time, I somehow knew that they were significant. I was in awe of their beauty! The only thing that I could say in response to their beauty was "How beautiful are your feet Lord!" I said this repeatedly. I did not know who else's feet that they could be.

The next evening during his sermon, the camp evangelist said that he was convinced in his spirit during the altar time on the prior evening, that a young man had been called to evangelistic ministry. He further stated that he had been standing behind the young man at the altar and heard him repeatedly say, "How beautiful are you feet Lord!" He also said "If that young man is in the service tonight, I want you to know that last night you were called of God, into evangelism."

A few months later I told my mother about what had happened, and even though she was a God woman, she became visibly upset, and verbally violent. She informed me that my brother was the one that was called of God, and that he was called to be a pastor, and that I was to go to college, and get a degree in business administration.

I thought that my mother must have known better than I did. I also knew that my poor mother had suffered enough through the years with a violent, and very abusive alcoholic husband; and then having to raise five (5) children on her own without asking for or accepting charity. So, I finished high school, and then took a summer job as an ambulance attendant. My employer even supplied the necessary training. For once my mother was proud of me. So I excelled in ambulance! The more I excelled the more proud my mother became! I was sent away to "Camp Borden" by my service, at their expense to train with the army medics. I excelled all the more, even after my mother's death in 1978 because I knew that she would be so proud!

I went on to manage ambulance services for the government. I became certified as an Air Ambulance Paramedic and worked in the Air Ambulance program. I was hired by Confederation College, in Thunder Bay to teach the paramedic program. I was featured in newspaper articles. One of my calls was written up in "Readers Digest" (Nov. 1984 - "Hang On Mom; I'll Get Through".) During my career I was used of God to lead a number of people to the Lord. Many of them were on their deathbeds. That summer lasted 24 years and eight months, until I was unable to work as a paramedic because of a physical condition.

Though I had been traveling sporadically for the Lord (singing and preaching part time and only occasionally) over the years, I was never satisfied. I knew that I would never truly be happy until I was in full-time Ministry.

Over the years I have continually asked God to either use me in full-time Ministry or to take away the desire, completely. The desire continually grew stronger!

After six months of being off of work, my wife Sharon and I were at "Silver Birches Camp" during her summer vacation. There were no camp meetings in progress at the time. On the first Sunday morning we went into Kirkland Lake to worship with the good people at "Living Faith Assembly". During the service I was talking to the Lord about what was happening in my life. I told God again, that I wanted him to use me in full-time Ministry, or to take away the desire. I also told my heavenly father that if he wanted me to be in full-time Ministry, that I wanted a sure and clear confirmation that day. I didn't tell Sharon about what I had asked the Lord for. The combination of her not knowing, and the isolation of the camp grounds (we were the only two people on the grounds) would make it so that God's confirmation could not be coincidence, or something fabricated in my mind. I wanted to make it as impossible to happen as I could, so that I would know for sure that it was of God. I thought that he would have to use a lightning bolt, writing in the clouds, or some other very dramatic way to confirm his calling, out on the campgrounds where we would return, following the morning service.

Twenty minutes later while speaking to friends in the church foyer, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find a short blind lady who had been a friend of my mother's for many years. She asked, "Wilson is that you?" I said "Yes it is." I need to talk to you privately for a moment." She said. We went aside together. The lady said I heard you singing in church today." (She meant singing with the congregation) "I knew that I had to come to speak to you. I've never done anything like this before, but God told me today during the service to come and talk to you. He told me that he has called you and that you need to start doing what he has called you to do.

The rest of my biography is yet to be written. I'll let God be the author. He always writes a great ending."