Vacation Bible School:

‘A Living Way Ministries’ offers complete 'Vacation Bible School' and 'After School' Programs.

The programs are fun and exciting, but more importantly the children and all who attend, learn about God's love grace and forgiveness through the use of Ventriloquism (featuring 'Evan Hardwood Kindling'), Illusions with a message (Amazing and Visual!), Elaborate Flannel-board Bible Stories, Bible Action Choruses,
Wonderful Story-Related Crafts, Fun and Games!

Sharon, Evan, Granny, and I conducted eleven separate 'Vacation Bible Schools' and 'After School' programs so far this year. Approximately 200-300 children and teenagers have received Jesus as their Saviour.!

The children who come out to our 'VBS Program' become members of' Evan's clubhouse'. They receive Evan's Clubhouse membership cards. These cards identify them as members in good standing. They are signed of course, by 'President Evan' to make it official. The children turn in the cards at the end of each day, but get to keep them at the end of the 'VBS' program. There is no expiry date on the cards. Once a child becomes a member of 'Evans Clubhouse’, they are a member for life.

Local volunteers (if available) who help out in the program are asked to do what they can to ensure that these children are churched, encouraged, and nurtured in the ways of the Lord, after the ‘VBS’ or 'After School' program is completed. We pray that every one of these young converts will serve Jesus everyday of their lives! How many of them will be tomorrow's Pastors? How many will conduct 'VBS' clubs, years into the future and reach the children of tomorrow for Jesus?

Parents have told the Pastors and us about other 'VBS' programs that they had sent their children to. "When we asked them what they learned today, they would say "Nothin". But when they come home from Evan's clubhouse, we don't have to ask." The children come running into the house and say "You should have seen the story that 'Namma" did on the flannel-board today!" They would tell their parents all about Evan's 'fractured story' or the awesome tricks that Woody did as well as what they taught them.

The children come home singing the Bible action choruses. But the best by far, was when a grandmother came to Sharon on parent's night and told her that she had been praying for her grandson's salvation since he was a baby, and that he came home from 'Evan's Clubhouse' and told her that he had given his heart to Jesus! Thank you Lord!

Sharon (“Namma”, as the children call her) does such a wonderful job with the flannel-board stories, the action Bible courses, and the crafts! The children absolutely love her!

'Vacation Bible School' & 'After School' Program Guidelines

In order to help you to prepare for ‘A Living Way Ministries’-Vacation Bible School Program', please consider the following.


Pre-registration of the children who will attend the ‘VBS’ is ideal. This allows parents and/or guardians to inform the 'Host Churches' and 'VBS' leadership of any physical or mental conditions, and or food or other allergies that may require special attention. A 'Waiver of Responsibility' may also be considered to be included on the pre-registration form.

Children- (Registrants):

It would be a benefit to us to have an approximate number of children that will attend. We realize that you will not be able to provide an accurate number, but an estimate would help. Should the actual number be much more than your estimate, we would be delighted.


If possible, we would like to have a number of volunteers to assist us with the mechanics of the 'VBS' (i.e. serving snacks, acting as group leaders, etc.) Three or four volunteers would normally be ideal. Of course, this depends on the number of children that attend. We have worked with one or two volunteers.

It would be most beneficial if volunteers who are selected, meet the following criteria:

a) Know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

b) Be of mental and spiritual maturity sufficient to supervise, mentor, assist, and pray with the children.

c) Have a God-given love and concern for children.

d) Meet local requirements for children’s ministry. (According to the 'Plan To Protect' and /or
    local church policies)

Note: The volunteers are asked to observe the children when they are asked if they would like to receive
         Jesus as their Saviour. This will hopefully facilitate ongoing contact, churching, and nurturing of these 
         children as they begin their walk with the Lord.

Facilities (Venue):

Preferably there will be a common area for the children and ministry team to congregate. (A gymnasium or very large room would suffice.) This area is where ministry to the 'VBS' group as a whole would take place. A wall or screen on which to project song lyrics, videos, pictures, etc; will be needed. This room does not need to have seating for the children, as they could sit on the floor during these sessions.
Facilities (Venue) (continued)

A separate area (preferably a separate room) is needed for crafts. This room should have tables and chairs at which the children can work on their crafts..

Obviously, there will need to be washroom facilities for the leaders and the children.

An outdoor area for organized games and play would be an additional bonus, as weather permits.

Daily Program:

The ‘VBS’ program will be tailored to suit the preferences and needs of the ‘Host Church’ or ‘Host Churches’.

However, our recommendations are as follows: The duration of the daily program should be 2 ½ - 3 hours.
A morning program (usually beginning at 9:00 A.M. if preferable. Programs that begin later in the day are often not as well attended, as children and their families often become involved in other activities and the ‘VBS’ Program is missed.

Treats /Snacks:

It would be best if the 'Host Churches' would provide treats, snacks, and refreshments for the children if they are to be served. (As mentioned earlier, registration forms could be used to provide volunteers and 'VBS' leaders with information regarding allergies, etc.) We would ask the 'Host Church' to attend to these matters.

We would be happy to make suggestions reguarding the ‘snacks’ that are fun and unique,
(e.g. ‘Mud-Pies & Worms’, made simply with ‘Gummy-Worms’ and chocolate pudding or custard).


The cost of craft materials is normally absorbed by 'A Living Way Ministries'. In some circumstances, the 'Host Churches' may be asked to assist with these expenses.


Sharon, Evan, Granny, and Woody live in their bus when they are on Ministry trips. They usually stay at local ‘truck stops’. If there are no ‘truck stops’ or other public facilities in the area, they would need the use of a shower.

Financial Expectations:

As is the policy of 'A Living Way Ministries', we want to be able to provide 'VBS' in less affluent venues as well, as in others. Thus, we do not set any firm fees for our 'VBS' ministry. Normally, we ask 'Host Churches' to provide for us financially as they are able. This usually provides $300.-$500. per 'VBS' day. Again, this is not a set fee. We only ask that the 'Host Churches' provide as they are able. The financial burden is greatly reduced when two, three, or more churches jointly host the 'VBS'.

If you are interested in a 'Vacation Bible School' or 'After School' program, please go to our contact information page. We would be happy to discuss this with you.