'On My Journey Home' is an Audio CD recording, of twelve Great Southern Gospel songs, done in good old southern Gospel, four part harmony. These songs are performed in Wilson's own arrangements. You will be blessed as you listen to these wonderful songs of Praise, Joy, and Assurance. It won't be long until you find your hands a clappin', toes a tappin', and you'll be singing along. You will be blessed as you listen to Wilson's worshipful rendition of that glorious old hymn, 'I Surrender All' ($20.00)
'Moments Of Grace' is a compilation of ten of the best stories that Wilson shares, as he and Sharon travel across this great country, to tell people about God's unconditional Love, inexhaustible Grace, and His wonderful and free offer of forgiveness and eternal life.

"I was Ministering in a church on a Saturday night. I told the story 'Pedaling To Perdition'. I was scheduled to Minister in another Church approximately three hours away, the next morning (Sunday). When I arrived at the Church to Minister on the Sunday morning, the Pastor told me that the Pastor of the church where I had Ministered the night before, had called him and told him that if he wanted his people to be truly blessed, that he was to insist that I share the same story there." (W.K.)

You'll laugh and You'll cry as you read Wilson's first hand, true life stories of tragedy and rejoicing.

There are stories from Wilson's childhood of extreme poverty and abuse. There are dramatic 'cliff hanger' stories form his twenty-five year career as a paramedic. You'll go with Wilson to scenes of human peril and devastation. There are also stories of intrigue from his personal life as an adult. ($20.00)

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"I just finished reading your book, 'Moments Of Grace, and did I ever enjoy it. You have such a wonderful way of telling stories, with real heart warming goodness. I couldn't put the book down! It's wonderful how God created those 'Moments of Grace', to use you to give people His Word of light and everlasting life!"

                                                                                                   Peter Barachello
                                                                                                   Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Moments Of Grace: Story Titles
Chapter 1: The Storm
Chapter 2: George's Last Chance
Chapter 3: Two Women, Two Sacrifices
Chapter 4: I've Been To the Principal's Office
Chapter 5: Ron's Rush To Eternity
Chapter 6: Almost Persuaded
Chapter 7: Pedaling To Perdition
Chapter 8: Margaret's Wish-Please Hold Me
Chapter 9: Adam's Challenging Journey
Chapter 10: A Memorable Christmas

"On My Journey Home" Song Titles:
1. I Believe
2. After Awhile:
3. I Surrender All
4. I wouldn't Take Nothin' for My Journey Now
5. God Handles It All
6. Hide Me, rock Of Ages
7.Are You Saved?
8. On My Journey Home
9. Just Another Hill
10. The Old Time Way
11. Jesus Is Coming, Get Ready
12. Sweet Beulah Land
13. Sweet Beula Land  (Reprise- A Capella)

What an absolute pleasure it was to read 'Moments of Grace'. Every chapter is an experience in itself. You'll be captivated by each character and feel their raw emotions of pain and joy, through tragedy and triumph. You will learn life's lessons such as: honesty, forgiveness, love and compassion. Most of all, you will see first hand a servant's heart. This book is so well written...a wonderful and inspiring read. Blessings to Wilson and Sharon as they together continue on their journey.
                                                                                                  Jeanette Weir
                                                                                                  Springdale, Newfoundland