Prison Ministry:

In 2009 the doors of the ‘Monteith Correctional Complex’ opened for 'A Living Way Ministries'.

“In the recent history of the ‘Monteith Correctional Complex”, we have never had an ‘open to all’ or
‘congregational’ type of Ministry in the complex. All spiritual Ministry has been ‘one on one’. Reverend Ken Gloade
(chaplain) told Wilson Kindred, during their initial meeting reguarding the possibility of such an event.

The ‘Monteith Correctional Complex’ is a medium to maximum-security facility for men and women who have been convicted of crimes from the lesser to the most heinous. Their sentences range from a number of days to multiple life sentences.

After a long application, screening, and approval process (approximately 2 years); we will now also be Ministering in the ‘Pineger Youth Centre’ in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

The ‘Pineger Youth Centre’ is a Co-Ed young persons' secure custody and detention facility. The program provides rehabilitation and reintegration services to children between the ages of 12 and 17 years of age, who have been convicted of offences from the lesser to the most heinous. All of the young people in the program are sentenced by the Youth Justice Court. Their stays vary from a few days to several years.

We are so excited about what God is doing in our Prison Ministry, as well as in all of our Ministries. We pray that God will open many more doors.

On our first visit to the facility, the chaplain, Rev. Gloade warned us of possible disruptions during the service. "Some of the inmates will jeer and mock you. They will do anything to try to distract you. Don't be intimidated or swayed from your objective.” He advised. What happened following my first song was totally unbelievable and unexpected. Many of the inmates stood to their feet clapping and cheering! "Sing it again!” They shouted. "We love it!" This continued throughout the musical portion of the program.

The inmates laughed hysterically, as Evan launched a barrage of his gags and one-liners. As usual, I was the object of most of his jokes. The prisoners were amazed at the illusions that were presented as a means to help them to understand about God's unconditional Love, Grace, and Forgiveness. They listened intently to the story that I shared with them, which further illustrated these truths.

Following the program, the inmates clambered around me to shake hands and to thank me for the presentation. I looked at the chaplain to see if this was all right and he nodded his head. A number of the prisoners held onto my hand firmly and said “Thank you so much!” with tears in their eyes. Later in a telephone conversation, Rev. Gloade said, “The response was amazing! What you accomplished was extraordinary!” I told him that what God accomplished was extraordinary. Every time that we Minister at ‘Monteith Correctional Complex’, the response is invariably the same. We are looking forward to many more opportunities there.