Evan's Clubhouse Invitations (For Vacation Bible School, After School Programs, & Other Children's Ministry) can 'sometimes' be distributed through schools and other places where children gather. They can also be handed out at shopping malls and grocery stores by children of your church (preferably with their parents). Children of your church may also hand them out to their 'non-churched' friends. All of these methods are very effective. A number of churches have had great turnouts when the invitations have been distributed through the schools and in high traffic areas (shopping-malls grocery stores, playgrounds, splash-parks, etc). Always ask for permission!

Pamphlets & Posters:

Posters hung in the community, Pamphlet Distribution, and  Newspaper Advertisements always help to enhance the turnout for 'A Living Way Ministries' events . The Posters & Pamphlets on this Page may be used to promote and advertise these events. This may be done as follows:

1. 'Right click' on the appropriate Poster or Invitation.
2. Choose the 'Save Picture As' option.
3. Make note of the name of the Poster or Pamphlet (Or create your own File Name).
4. Save to your Desktop or Picture File (Remember where you save the file to).
5. Go to where the Poster or Pamphlet is now located (Desktop, or Picture File).
6. 'Right click' the Poster or Pamphlet File and open it with your Favorite Picture Program.
7. Resize the File to 8.5"x11.00" (A4) (Note: Evan's Clubhouse Invitations must be printed in the 'landscape'
8. Insert a 'Text Box' over the information area of the poster/invitation and enter the appropriate data  .
    (Where, When/Date, Time, and Telephone Number) and click save. Note: On the invitations, you can create 
   the text box once, and then copy & paste it onto the other two invitations.
9. Print the Poster or Pamphlet (Print a test copy. When you are satisfied, print as many copies as you can post 
   throughout your community (Print in full colour for the most effective promotion of the event).

Evan's Clubhouse Invitations are created with three on a page. You will need to cut the page after you 
          have printed the page and completed the information area.