Parking Lot Ministry:

On every trip throughout Canada, Wilson and Sharon Kindred are afforded many opportunities to Minister to people in their bus. Such opportunities present themselves in mall, Walmart, and  church Parking Lots, as well as at truck stops. The Parking Lot Ministry, is something that "just simply began to happen".

​​“Some folks come and knock on our door to ask for prayer. Some just want to know what the big red bus is all about. Still others, who are overwhelmed by devastating circumstances and insurmountable problems, are looking for someone to talk to. We have spent as much as 3 to 4 hours with some individuals. Some have stayed until midnight and later. Some have asked if we would be there the next day and if they could come back, and they have."

On one occasion, I stopped for fuel even though the fuel gauge indicated that there was still three quarters of a tank. I know now, that it was the leading of the Holy Spirit that caused me to stop. Before fueling the bus at the pumps, I headed into the kiosk to purchase some fuel conditioner. On my way in, a lady who seemed to be very upset approached me. She said the following. “I saw the sign on your bus (A Living Way Ministries) and I was wondering if you could help me.” I asked the lady how I could be of help. She asked me if we would have a Bible that we could give to her. “Do you need somebody to talk to as well?” I asked her. “Yes.” She said as she started to cry.

I assured the lady that my wife was with me and invited her to follow me to the bus. Sharon made her comfortable at the table. We asked her how we could be of help. She told us of tumultuous and mountainous problems that she, her husband, and her family were facing. She said that she wanted a Bible to read to try to find some comfort. We told her that we would be happy to give her a Bible.

As we were ministering to her, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to bring Evan out. When Evan came out, her face lit up. I saw her smile for the first time. She wanted to hug and embrace Evan, as so many people do. They seem to feel that they can express their true emotions to Evan without feeling threatened, intimidated, or humiliated. God used Evan to remind her of his love for her. Instantly, this lady seemed to forget that Sharon & I were there. The rest of the conversation was between her and Evan. He was able to assure her of God's Love, Grace, and Forgiveness, in a way that Sharon and I couldn't have.

The lady said that she had given her heart to the Lord as a child, but that she had long ago let that relationship grow cold and die. We prayed with the lady and she gave her life, her grief, her sorrow, her problems, and her family to the Lord. We gave her one of our CDs, a copy of our book (Moments Of Grace), and most importantly, a Bible.

She left the bus, a totally changed person, confident of God's Love, Grace, and Forgiveness. Her countenance was transformed.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the bus door. I opened the door and saw a man (her husband) standing there. He had tears in his eyes. He said, “I don't know what you did for my wife, but I want to thank you!” I told him that we had done nothing for his wife, but that God alone, should receive the glory, thanks, and praise. He offered us money, but we refused and told him that it was a blessing for us to share the little time that we had, with his wife.

One day, while parked in a Walmart parking lot, Sharon and I were wondering why we hadn’t had anyone come to the bus as people so often do. By the time we went to bed, we had the opportunity to Minister to two people.

The first man, who knocked on the bus door early in the evening, was a trucker. He is saved, but he was lonely. He siad that he was missing his wife and his children. He came into the bus and spent a couple of hours with us. We had wonderful fellowship.

A few minutes after we returned to the Church to park for the night, a lady in her early sixties, came to the bus. She had been in our service on the previous night. She had come to the church two or three times that day to find us. We explained that we had been parked in the Walmart parking lot, so that we would be publically visible and available to people such as her. She had come looking for us to see if we could spend some time with her and pray with her. She desperately needed fellowship and prayer.

As a young wife, she lost her thirty-two-year-old husband who died suddenly from a heart attack. In her forties, she lost her second husband to cancer. Just four months before our evening together, she had lost a bother to suicide. She was now facing the very real possibility of becoming a widow for the third time.

The lady’s third husband was currently hospitalized for numerous scans and tests, as well as for surgery. The doctors had already told them that the husband’s provisional diagnosis, as well as his prognosis, were not good. They said that if their suspicions were correct, that his cancer was terminal.

She also told us that her brother in law was currently in the hospital and that his prognosis was not good either.

This poor lady cried, as she asked us to help her. When I asked her how the loss of her third husband would affect her relationship with God, she said that she knew that He would give her the strength, and that she would serve him unconditionally. (How beautiful!) She spent three hours or more with us before she left to go home, some time toward midnight. We spent some wonderful time with her in prayer.

She called us a week or so later, to let us know that the surgery went well, and that the doctors have said that things have ‘changed’ and that her husband will be fine. (God answers prayer!) We met with this lady one more time. She told us that her brother in law had passed away.

There are so many more, wonderful stories that we could share about how God has allowed us to Minister to people in need, in Parking Lots. Who ever thought that a big red school bus could be used of God in such wonderful ways!