Senior’s Ministry:

Ministering to seniors is one of our most favorite forms of Ministry. Everything that is available to the other age-specific and family Ministries, is offered to seniors groups.

Seniors love the (one-person) ‘Southern Gospel Quartet’, and of course they fall in love with Evan and Granny! They are spellbound by the illusions and the stories. Most of all, they love the good old-fashioned Ministry.

Whether it’s a community seniors club, or a church-based seniors group, Sharon, Wilson, Evan, And Granny will bless your souls!

We consider Nursing Homes and Hospitals, to be very special venues and wonderful opportunities for Ministry. We love these precious people, who so desperately need to know that somebody cares, and that God loves them.

Seniors beam with joy and excitement whenever Evan and Granny visit them! Their presentation changes from a slumped, passive, almost comatose existence to a keen anticipation. Their eyes change from an almost lifeless stare to a long forgotten childish twinkle. They want to hold Evan. They want to hug him, and kiss him. On one occasion, as I was taking Evan around the room to visit seniors in a hospital, there was one lady who was waving her arm and calling out “over here !” She cried with joy and delight as she held Evan and told him that she loves him. Evan has been called back out for a second and third time in many venues.

Evan helps the Nursing Home residents to revisit their youth, when every day was a promise of new adventures and all of the wonderful things that life has to offer. Evan is absolutely hilarious! He is fun-loving, quick witted, and most often mischievous. Whether the discussion is about school, homework, sports, or even girls, his lighthearted attitude and sidesplitting remarks bring the house down! He adores and respects his Granny, but sometimes questions her rigid discipline.

Granny’s reception and acceptance by the populace is jubilant and exciting in all of our venues. Her personality is marked by her aged innocence, expressive (sometimes boisterous) antics, as well as her ‘foolish pearls of wisdom’.

Granny takes the audience on a stroll down memory lane to the good old days when people cared about people, morals were high, and things in general were ‘of course much better’.

This prim and proper, and adorable old lady often surprises audiences with a rough and candid openness. On her first outing, she whispered quietly to the Pastor of the hosting church. When he politely asked her to repeat what she had said, she bellowed, “I said, will you help me? My bloomers are twisted! My knickers are in a knot!

On a recent Ministry trip, we were taken by the hosting church to a nearby nursing home, to Minister.

Evan, Granny, and Sharon sang some of those old and wonderful hymns that bring joy and refreshing to one's soul. The residents joyfully sang along.

Wilson performed three illusions, which of course were used to present the wonderful Gospel message of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Three people were pre-selected by the hostess who regularly comes to minister in the nursing home, to come to the front and participate in the three different illusions, respectively.

The first two participants came forward (one at a time), when asked to do so. The illusions were performed, and with the use of Scripture, the Gospel parallel was taught.

When the third lady came forward to take part in an illusion, she strutted to the front with an, ‘I'll show you’ attitude. When she arrived at the front, Wilson explained to her that he was going to ask her to perform a simple task. The lady spoke loudly enough, so that all could hear. “No man is going to tell me what to do!” She said. Wilson said, “I wouldn't dream of doing anything of the sort, my dear. There was one time, when I tried to tell my wife what to do. As I was coming to, the doctor, who was changing my IV bag, said that, I must never, ever, never do that again. The room was filled with laughter and tension was gone. Wilson explained to the lady what he would like her to do. The lady did as she was asked, and again the illusion was successfully performed, and the scriptural parallel was taught.

When the illusion was complete, Wilson thanked the lady for her help and she returned to her seat with much the same attitude as when she had come to the front.

The service continued. Wilson verbally combined the three scriptural lessons that had been taught, adding more scriptures to point out man's need for salvation, and God’s wonderful offer of love, grace, forgiveness, and eternal life.

At the conclusion of the message, Wilson asked the residents to close their eyes. He then said that if anyone would like to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior, that he would come to talk, and to pray with them, at the conclusion of the service. Two people raised their hands. One of those people was the indignant lady who had said, ‘no man is going to tell me what to do!” As it turned out, this lady was cousin to the hostess, who regularly comes to minister in the nursing home. After we had prayed together, I had opportunity to ensure this ‘once indignant’ lady of her salvation. The two cousins then embraced and cried tears of joy. Isn't God wonderful?

Whether in a hospital, a senior’s home, a seniors club, or a seniors church group, your seniors will never forget this ministry.

One lady said, “You’ve blessed the Sox off of me!”