Financial Guidelines - Ministry at Large:

Our Ministry has always been on a free will offering basis. This allows for ministry in the smaller churches that could not otherwise afford it.

Some churches can afford not to take up an offering and choose to bless our Ministry from the church finances. Our average expenses/needs are approximately $400.00 per Ministry day.

Many P.A.O.C. Churches affiliated with the Western Ontario District of The Pentecostal
Assemblies of Canada may qualify for financial assistance to bring our Ministry to their community.

We ask churches and groups who are able to do more, to remember that in doing so, you are helping us to go into less affluent regions, communities, and churches.

Please, don’t ever deny your people/community this Ministry because you can’t afford it. God Can!

School Presentations:

Historically, the hosting church has approached two or three other churches, or service clubs in the community to ask for sponsorship for these events. This has generally provided $500.00-$600.00 for the presentation. The presentation serves to get this important message to the high school students and also supplements our Ministry income so that we can go into the less affluent communities and churches. This too is negotiable.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Prisons etc:

We go into the hospitals, nursing homes etc with no financial expectations. However, the hosting church sometimes blesses us with extra for this.

Children's Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Camps, Retreats, Etc.

Compensation for Retreats, Camps (Family, Men’s, Youth, etc), & Vacation Bible School is for the most part negotiable to allow ministry in less affluent regions and communities. An amount is usually agreed upon prior to confirming dates, as are other pertinent details. However if this is not possible, we will come on a ‘as you can afford’ basis.

As is the policy of 'A Living Way Ministries', we want to be able to provide 'Children's Ministry' in less affluent venues as well, as in others. Thus, we do not set any firm fees. Normally, we ask 'Host Churches' to provide for us financially as they are able. This usually provides $300.-$500. per 'Ministry Day'. Again, there is not a set fee. We only ask that the 'Host Churches' provide as they are able. The financial burden is greatly reduced when two, three, or more churches jointly host the 'VBS'.
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