Wilson, Sharon, Evan, & Granny offer wonderful and annointed ‘Family Ministry’ in many forms:

· Family Nights
· Super Family Weekends
· Sunday Services
· Celebration Services and Events (Mortgage Burning, Church Anniversary Services, Holiday Celebrations,
· Mens Minsitry (Challenging and Powerful - Breakfasts, Weekends, etc),
· Women’s Ministry (Breakfasts, Weekends, etc)

A 'Family Night' would be a night of Fun, Laughter, and Entertainment, but most of all, Ministry. We would offer Ventriloquism (with our two 'Character's, Evan & Granny), Illusions (Gospel Magic), and Story Telling, etc.

A 'non-church' venue might be considered for the 'Family Night", as people from the community might attend, where as they might not come to such an event in a church.

A ‘Super Family Weekend’ might consist of a Powerful, and effective 'Anti-Drinking & Driving' High School presentation or an awesome and amazing Friday evening with your 'Youth Group' or both, a one session fun-filled and life changing 'Children's Program' (Evan's clubhouse) on the Saturday morning, followed by a 'Family Night' on Saturday evening, including a 'Pot-luck' supper, and then 'Family Focused' services on the Sunday. A service in your local Hospital and/or Nursing Home would make this a true 'Family Weekend'.

"I have seen ministries come and go in my many years of Ministry. However, 'A Living Way Ministries' is the first Ministry that I have seen that truly Ministers to every age, from the very youngest to the very oldest. This truly is,  a family Ministry."
                                                                                                                 Pastor Ivan Tilley
                                                                                                                 First Gospel Temple
                                                                                                                 Campbellton, Newfoundland

The local leadership may choose to use any or all of these programs and events.