In December of 2007 Evan Hardwood Kindling III, came all the way from Sherman Texas to Kirkland Lake for the sole purpose of joining us in our vie to reach souls for Jesus!”

Evan is always received with exuberance, warm affection, and hysterical laughter in every venue. “He has been called back two and three times in a number of venues.”

As President of ‘Evan’s Clubhouse’ (‘Children’s Ministry Program’), Evan loves to see children learn about Jesus! Recently Evan said. “I love the flannel-board Bible stories that Namma (Sharon) tells to the kids. She helps them to do some awesome crafts. And, I guess Woody’s illusions are pretty amazing too, but don’t tell him that I said so. The Bible story choruses that we sing are loads of fun! Boy oh Boy!”

Seniors beam with joy and excitement whenever Evan visits them! Their presentation changes from a slumped, passive, almost comatose existence to a keen anticipation. Their eyes transform from an almost lifeless stare to a long forgotten childish twinkle. They want to hold Evan. They want to hug him, and kiss him. On one occasion, as I was taking Evan around to visit seniors individually in a hospital common room, there was one lady who was waving to us and calling out, “Over here!” She cried with joy and delight as she held Evan and told him that she loves him. He was even one of the attractions at a rodeo! Other booths were almost void of spectators as people crowded around our booth to see Evan.

People laugh hysterically, whenever Evan launches a barrage of his gags and one-liners, of which Woody (Wilson) is always the target.

Evan helps the elderly to revisit their youth. He takes them back to a time when every day was a promise of new adventures, and all of the wonderful things that life has to offer. Evan is absolutely hilarious! He is fun-loving, quick witted, and most often mischievous. Whether the discussion is about school, homework, sports, or even girls, his light hearted attitude and side-splitting remarks bring the house down!

Evan loves and even adores his Granny, but sometimes questions her rigid discipline.

Evans Favorite Scripture:

John 21:12 ... “Come and dine”...

Evan’s Favourite Food: “Hamburgers, pop, and all of that good junk!”