Children's Ministries

Wilson, Sharon, Evan, and Granny offer Children's Ministry in many forms. Please Visit our 'Vacation Bible School & After School Programs' page under the 'Ministries' tab to read about these Programs',

On this page you will read about 'In school' Programs, which include Child Safety, Anti-Drug, Anti-Bullying Presentations. The following is a brief description of each of these.

"He’s faster than a speeding bullet! (Not Quite!) He’s Stronger than a locomotive (Hardly!) He can leap tall buildings in a single bound! (He has trouble stepping over a crack in the sidewalk!) ‘Super Evan’, clad in his ‘Action Hero’ garb, battles the forces of evil! He offers real help and advice to your children as they face the challenges of growing up! (That he does!)

‘A Living Way Ministries’ brings ‘Child Protection & Safety Programs’ to your children. These programs can be presented in Schools, Churches, Children's Clubs, Shopping Centers, Community Centers, and other venues.

These presentations address specific ‘Child Safety Topics, such as the following:

· Anti-Bullying
· Drug Prevention
· Smoking Prevention
· Fire Safety
· Home Safety
· Personal Protection

These topics are addressed through the use of Magic, Ventriloquism, PowerPoint Presentations, and personal true-life Stories. Super Evan is the main Character in these presentations.

A question period and student interaction are often part of the program.

These multi-media presentations will have a positive and powerful impact on your children. They will be equipped with tools and decision-making skills that will help them to stay safe and avoid regrets. These presentations will help them to enjoy productive and successful lives, to be responsible citizens, and to make positive contributions to society.

Anti-Bullying Presentation:

This program offers help and advice to all. It offers hope to the Victim, help for the Bully and advice to the Bystanders. Non -aggressive responses and interventions to bullying are discussed. Schools and School Boards are encouraged to adopt Anti-Bullying Policies and implement Anti-Bullying programs and strategies.

Drug Prevention Presentation:

The abuse of prescription and illicit drugs is discussed in this presentation and some drugs are identified. The realities and horrors of drug trafficking, drug abuse, and their consequences are exposed!

Smoking Prevention:

The tragedies of squandered health and enjoyment of life, and the possibly the loss of life itself are revealed. The horrible cost to one’s well being as well as the financial cost of smoking is discussed and reinforced through discussion and a disgustingly vivid ‘Powerpoint’ presentation.

Fire Safety:

Fire safety in the home, at school, and in public venues is promoted in this presentation. Known safety precautions, ‘in fire’ actions, responses, and interventions are reviewed.

Home Safety

General safety precautions and rules for safety in and around the home are identified, reviewed, and reinforced.
‘Home Alone’ situations are discussed.

Personal Protection:

The goal of this presentation is to help a child to recognize the threat of predators, familial or strange to the victim. Appropriate and inappropriate touching is discussed. The children are advised about what to do if they feel threatened in anyway. They are also advised about what to do if they or their personal rights have been violated.